Twitter Updates for 2010-03-29
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  • Who would've thought it'd be simple:
    "gr_A_y is how it's spelled in _A_merica

    gr_E_y is how it's spelled in _E_ngland"

    Which do you use? #

  • @meekthegeek no. I'm "inspired" by the fact this time period is a very expensive one for me (cont) in reply to meekthegeek #
  • @meekthegeek "soda" was for pretentious "coastal" people when I grew up. We in the Midwest called it simply "pop". #
  • @macgasm me too! in reply to macgasm #
  • This shows how I'm rightly labeled a "geek" w/ "nerd" tendencies – The Nerd, Dork, & Geek Venn Diagram: /via @iancr #
  • @lights what's that inferior looking black thing front and center? You do realize Macs run Windows (just for WoW of course) quite well, yes? in reply to lights #
  • OMG! OMG! I so want to see Avatar 2 now! – the official trailer for the sequel to Avatar is now out /via @laughingsquid #
  • Utterly annoys the crap out of me when a movie I want to see is not available on AVOD, NFLX, or iTunes. "Up in the air" == 21st century FAIL #
  • @jrconlin I've actually done that more than a handful of times in my life. Works quite well when you don't have a proper MUA handy. in reply to jrconlin #
  • @courtenaybird Why stickers? Why not just get the QR code printed onto your cards directly? in reply to courtenaybird #
  • @courtenaybird fair point & your cards do rock! gave me an idea for my next personal card I make. moo stickers might work well for the purp in reply to courtenaybird #
  • @courtenaybird I think the size of the Moo stickers (small thumbnail) would work great on a (cont) #
  • Oh dear. Thank god this place is unreasonably priced for my budget or I might have been forced to move soon. #
  • Anybody in S Bay w/ SUV up for a, umm, fun activity? Could really use an Ikea run. Last time I brought Billy's home I scuffed my car's paint #
  • @davglass maybe you should get an iPhone. never had my phone crash on incoming calls, even w/ jailbreaking / unlocking. :P *ducks* in reply to davglass #
  • @davglass overclocking was possible in 1.x days. ROM updating is very ambiguous, but depending on your definition is possible on an iPhone. in reply to davglass #
  • @yaypie yeah, @Heroku rocks! I just wish they had an interim step between FREE and >$50/month (what you would pay for even hosting a blog). in reply to yaypie #
  • @cheesycons sounds yummy! tempting me to go to the store. :( in reply to cheesycons #
  • @stroughtonsmith Same here. FYI, the curtain lifted yesterday morning at 8am EDT. :) in reply to stroughtonsmith #
  • Since when could you spend nearly $50 at the store on a CC and not have to sign for it? I do not like this trend folks! #

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