Twitter Updates for 2010-03-28
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  • Now that the embargo is lifted, time to put a few finishing touches on some images edited in Photoshop CS5 and post them! #
  • @sh1mmer I've got tens of thousands of historic ones if you need more to give out. in reply to sh1mmer #
  • Based on what I'm seeing online from a handful of indie developers, looks like next Saturday might be an expensive AppStore day for me. #
  • @ElizabethN yeah! The story could have used a lot of work. I'm also sorely disappointed in the special effects too. Felt via cheaply done. in reply to ElizabethN #
  • @chadcat it would be expensive from apps I'm buying. While winning said apps would be kewl, I'd also prefer to support rockstar indie devs in reply to chadcat #
  • Hahahah!… this site is pretty humorous! Check this one out: #
  • @thirdplacepro What features must it have to not suck? Describe the qualities you want and your wish might be granted. :) in reply to thirdplacepro #
  • Currently sitting in bed installing Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010, and Microsoft Expression. Yep, it's confirmed, I'm still sick. :) #
  • Really wish I could understand what was supposedly so good about Hurt Locker. Of all the war movies I've seen, rather humdrum if you ask me. #
  • I need to do an inventory on domains still it seems. Just realized I still have 1 and 2 character domains. http://♶.ws and FTW! #
  • Anybody know if there is an app like this for the Mac? #
  • @subhrokar I'd love it if it interfaced directly with Godaddy's and Slicehost's DNS API as well. If it did that, I would definitely pay. in reply to subhrokar #

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