Twitter Updates for 2010-03-23
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  • Glad we are leaving on time, but feel bad for the half the plane left behind because of security. #sxsw #aus #
  • Wheels up! Was a fun trip Austin but glad to be going home too! #sxsw #
  • On final approach and cleared to land. Hooray SFO! #
  • Wheels down SFO! (@ San Francisco International Airport (SFO) w/ 32 others) #
  • @coates you can do that via but it's tricky. I'll find the query options when I get back to a PC in reply to coates #
  • @jf yeah dude, that's full of fail. ;) I only post back very rarely, and that's when my location is important to some Twitter / FB follower. in reply to jf #
  • All my luggage arrived, for some definitions of arrived. Waiting on best friend to pick me up. Will be interesting to go through luggage :( #
  • Wonder how long this #sxsw level location checkins (aka oversharing) will continue. #
  • @thekarladam YIM… :) in reply to thekarladam #
  • Absofinglutely love how @drobo C/S is giving up on a problem caused _DIRECTLY_ by their own failing. Friends don't let friends buy Drobos! #
  • Time to find a new place to get late dinner on my way home from work. Trying to charge me $2 for _water_ from TB!? You gotta be shitting me! #

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