Twitter Updates for 2010-03-22
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  • My body is full of fail today. I'd probably give up my entire life savings for a good back massage. Looking forward to going home to my bed. #
  • @rckenned People aren't saying no to the concept, but rather the implementation. in reply to rckenned #
  • On our way to New Braunsfel Smokehouse. Getting 4sq far far away badge in the process. (@ Karl's Horrible Rental Car  w/ @yipe) #
  • We are so ready for good BBQ! (@ New Braunfels SmokeHouse) #
  • OH: "Why aren't you filming. We so need this footage for the Karlwitch Project." — @thekarladam is so convinced we are gonna die out here. #
  • There are dedicated photographers, and then there are just plain crazy people. @yipe has dedication! #
  • I've been laughing so hard and for so long that my cheeks are now sore from permagrin. @yipe and @thekarladam are quite the comedic pair. #
  • Some people have way to much time on their hands. Ahem @yipe… #
  • I feel wripped @dens / @naveen! We drove all the way to New Braunfels for BBQ and didnt get the "far far away" badge /cc @yipe @thekarladam #

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