Twitter Updates for 2010-03-18
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  • Do I owe you money? Since it's apparently the new fad, I signed up on Venmo (yes, feeling sheep like). You can join me! #
  • Backlog for work (both job #1 and #2) is too large, so rectifying that problem before heading out downtown. #
  • New (admittedly shallow) reason to like the POTUS, he has great taste in college basketball teams. Go KU! #obama #ncaa #
  • Ugggh… Why must people steal content and post as their own on Youtube!? Filing DMCA notices is so not fun #
  • @tychay I flew them once to Frankfurt for IPC. Easily hands down the worst flight I've ever been on. I refuse to fly @aairwaves anymore. in reply to tychay #
  • @vanessacamones Was a fantastic party! I'll send some photos your way once I have a chance to catch up on them. in reply to vanessacamones #
  • @itaialter Yep, I just replied with licensing details. Thanks for reaching out! in reply to itaialter #
  • Lazyweb: What's the best way to watermark videos these days? Looking for something simple and quick. #
  • Today is one of those days I secretly wish the developers who wrote VMware tools would accidentally trip and fall off a cliff. #
  • @rckenned oh! so there is somebody who actually is listening. Oooppps! I thought I was a yelling in an empty forest. :D in reply to rckenned #
  • This sort of makes me a sad panda. #
  • @jeresig highly recommend not going closer. I know what happens from personal experience. :| in reply to jeresig #
  • @courtenaybird you still in town? in reply to courtenaybird #
  • The band playing right now is so bad my ears are crying tears of pain. #sxsw #
  • @tristan yes! The bottles are full. That definitely seems counter productive. in reply to tristan #
  • Saw some domains were up for renewal, so went in and canceled them instead. 21 domains just bit the dust. Feel so proud of myself! #backpat #

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