Twitter Updates for 2010-03-12
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  • The badge pickup line is ungodly long. If you're not in it already, I'd wait. #sxsw #
  • Tweet #sxswsf for charity. Each time it's a dollar for charity up to $5k by 5pm. #
  • Correction $5k minimum. If it's not tweeted 5k times by 5pm, no donation. Every tweet counts as $1 if over 5k. Unlimited per person #sxswsf #
  • They have five bar 3G at Salt Lick now! #sxsw #sxswsf #
  • When in Texas, drive cars like they do in… Umm.. Texas!? #
  • 70 degrees, beautiful sunset, el agave margarita at Iron Cactus. Yeah, this is gonna be a good #sxsw alright. #
  • WTF!? @plancast iPhone app requires 3.1.3? Total FAIL! #sxsw #
  • Gotta love Gowalla! Austin Apple store description: "A shiny place of shiny, wrapped in shiny." #sxsw #
  • My #sxsw music welcome bag contains bandaids, earplugs, condoms, and breath mints. What does that say about the music part of #sxsw? #
  • Omg. Laughing so hard over an @squared demo. Swiped a card 100x times literally and never once read it. #
  • For the record, @square has some bad ass devs working there. Was laughing that something could look good and yet have defective hardware. #
  • OH: "Javascript!? What's that? Is that like Java but coded with a cursive font?" #

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