Twitter Updates for 2010-03-10
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  • @lapcat so comparing adobe to Microsoft and flash to media codecs is an apples to apples comparison? in reply to lapcat #
  • Interesting to see I'm not the only one wondering if there's any strong correlation between sunspot 1040 and the Haitian quake. #
  • 322 _TERA_bits/sec (12x nearest competitor) and can do Layer 7 routing? Starting at only $90k? Yeah, Cisco rocks! #
  • It's such a shame when an otherwise very attractive women smokes. Habitual tobaco user = turn off. #
  • Apparently Tues nights are the days to go to the mall. Never seen Valley Fair this dead. The Apple peeps dog piled on me "oh!! a customer!!" #
  • OH: "Do you have any 'idea paws'?" Blue shirt: "Huh?" OH: "You know, those magical flat things." — no b/s! I kid you not! Simply amazing. #
  • @janeylicious could be worse. They pull the punch cards and glowing tubes crap on me. in reply to janeylicious #
  • My carry-on bag for tomorrow weighs 33.6 lbs. Scared to think of the retail value of that pelican case w/ contents (everything is glass too) #
  • If camera companies keep turning out things like this, I just might be swayed from my dreams of one day owning an H3D. #
  • RT "You ever had a Lindsay Lohan? It's a Redheaded Slut dropped in coke" (via @Clarko) #
  • Unless something changes between now and the end of the month, looks like I'll end Q1 2010 with 33,004 total United FF miles flown. #
  • Surveying the damage, I can't help but feel I am overpacking for my trip tomorrow. I hope @julie_anna doesn't think I'm moving in with her. #
  • @janeylicious you're old enough to have gone in there? /me *ducks* in reply to janeylicious #

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