Twitter Updates for 2010-03-09
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  • @lights you need a visa to come from the 51st state to the lower 50!? *ducks* in reply to lights #
  • OH: "I think we're geeks." — which was the clue? We are deriving the period of time used in the video or we're at lecture on solar physics? #
  • Attending lecture on solar physics. — at @calacademy #
  • @kentbrew you seriously looked up the skirt of your baby to check out it's tags? wtf!? in reply to kentbrew #
  • @chwenz good luck! I got five of those so far this year. Part :) but also probably bigger part :( in reply to chwenz #
  • @chwenz Sort of ironic, but I got a "token of appreciation" for a flight which I paid for using another "token of appreciation". Go figure! in reply to chwenz #

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