Twitter Updates for 2010-03-07
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  • Surprised no one has guessed this relatively easy to recognize skyline. Nobody knows or nobody cares? #
  • @jalbertbowdenii nope. speaking of, I should dig up some old photos from when I was last there & make an polar panoramic image from them. :) in reply to jalbertbowdenii #
  • @jordanfc Not even close. Last time I checked St. Louis doesn't have 400+ meter tall sky scrapers. One AT&T Center is highest @ 180m there. in reply to jordanfc #
  • @marcpfister You sir know your harbor views. :) in reply to marcpfister #
  • Here's another polar panoramic rendition of the same harbor. Does this make it any easier for those of you guessing? #
  • Really want to go back and see the Burj Khalifa again now that it's finally completed. Last time I was on site there it was in construction. #
  • Wish I understood "interestingness". I've got photos with 10x more views, comments, and/or faves and yet this is top? #
  • Not that I disagree with Flickr, it is one of the best I've taken, IMHO, but not sure how they determine that mathematically speaking is all #

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