Twitter Updates for 2010-03-05
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  • @geefunk3 me! in reply to geefunk3 #
  • @jf Missed you on the call today… ;) in reply to jf #
  • Apparently twitter is about to rollover to the 10 billionth tweet… who will be the "lucky" one!? #
  • Anyone else think Apple _really_ wants to know what browsers you target? Like "is that your final answer"? #
  • So since when was Javascript/Ajax the same thing as Ruby/Rails as far as web technologies go? Apple FAIL ;) #
  • Apparently I missed the 10 billion mark by 12,599. I was within 0.0001%, so close enough by my book. I win! #
  • Sad that trends like this on Flickr scare me these days. Thankfully this up tick was a good thing. #
  • I tweet about this to often, but here's another Google doozy. Apparently I rank high for "Google Team" in image search: #
  • Never knew Arial was such a big failure as a font. See this example ('bum' top center) from a powerpoint slide. #

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