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  • First a nearly 7.0 in Japan, now a nearly 9.0 in Chile, not to mention Haiti a month ago. Anybody else a little nervous to be a Californian? #
  • 2010: year of the earthquakes #
  • SE covered by Haiti quake, NE covered by Illinois quake, W by Japan, now S by Chile. Anybody else in California starting to feel boxed in? #
  • @mhedstrom I like my Zeagle Ranger too much to replace it with one of those newer/lighter BCs. I'm averaging 40ish dives a year lately, you? in reply to mhedstrom #
  • What are people using for a quality native (no AIR please) Twitter app on OSX? Tired of waiting on @atebits to provide an update to Tweetie. #
  • @poplifegirl How are you blocked? Do you need me to open alternative ports? I'm happy to do so! in reply to poplifegirl #
  • @yaypie So far I am digging the Mac client. Not decided if I will dump Tweetie 2 on iphone too in spite. in reply to yaypie #
  • @yaypie I know. The temptation of syncing between Mac and iPhone might be enough to get me to switch though since Tweetie for Mac sucks. in reply to yaypie #
  • T-Minus 1 hour and counting until the first waves start hitting Bay Area from the Tsunami. Not much is anticipated, but still be careful! #
  • @mikeash If you read the story, you would see that they were actually saying "this is nature as normal". Sensationalist headlines sell, no? in reply to mikeash #
  • @sh1mmer really!? I'm not sure if that sarcasm or not, but partly hope so. in reply to sh1mmer #
  • @mikeash totally agree, but the article itself was a decent one I thought. Par for the course for MSNBC (not a fan of them in general) in reply to mikeash #
  • This photo is amazing… Utter wow… #
  • Very very moving collection of photos from Chile this morning. #
  • Clicking on a link and unexpectedly having it automagically fire up iTunes is about as useful as having a link open Photoshop. WTF!? #
  • @mhedstrom I'm only getting out once or twice a year, but I usually go for longer (~2 weeks) and more dives/week. in reply to mhedstrom #
  • Welp, I think there went the last of the "financial ties" I had with my ex-"girlfriend". Glad to have that breakup finally now behind me. #
  • Digging the touch screen interface being show on CNN right now. Pinch and drag in a human sized touchscreen? /me wants! #
  • @jf What's the fascination with them? Researching operating systems? in reply to jf #
  • Difference between the Haiti and Chile earthquake in intensity? Chile earthquake = 501.19x stronger than Haiti's. [Math: (10**1.8)**1.5] #
  • Sobering fact: The last "noticeable" earthquake Milpitas felt (in January, a 4.1) was 11,220,185x less magnitude than the one in Chile today #
  • @ortelius somewhat good point on the choice of words. thanks for the tip! in reply to ortelius #
  • @ortelius Another big difference is the fact building structures are much better prepared in Chile in general compared to Haiti. in reply to ortelius #
  • Energy yield from Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing combined? ~140 terajoules. Energy yield from Chilean earthquake? ~66,600,000 TJ. #
  • Approximate TNT equivalence for all nuclear weapons EVER used/tested? 510,000,000 tons. Chilean Earthquake? 15,800,000,000 tons. Nearly 31x! #
  • One more sobering fact: The United States is the largest energy consumer in terms of total use, using 105 EJ in 2005. Chilean quake? 66.6 EJ #
  • I should post photos of my "command center". Between HDTVs, computers, & projectors I am well past concurrent information stream overload. #
  • Yes, this is sad to admit, but the longer I keep CNN on the more I want to know where can I find a ~90" multitouch LCD screen like they have #
  • You know Amazon, I think this proves that the lack of ability to stream HD isn't my fault. AVOD+ROKU=FAIL tonight #
  • Still dreaming of the day I'm "first" and I'm more important to someone than anything else #

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