Twitter Updates for 2010-02-24
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  • @pbur @chockenberry Doesn't that already exist? I think it's called Cydia. ;) in reply to pbur #
  • AT&T is comping _ALL_ intl fees for customers roaming in Haiti retroactively from January 12th through next Sunday (2/28). Nice! #
  • Find it insane the people who refuse to see a very distinct difference between apps like "Daisy Mae's Alien Buffet" and "SI Swimsuit 2010". #
  • /me wishes he could take a cable to New York and give the FTP server a bigger pipe. 5 _days_ to download? :( #
  • U-Verse: The impatient AAPL geek's friend in times of need (like when the mother ship releases a new SDK) #
  • Apple apparently doesn't care about their bandwidth costs much. You honestly can't tell me there is 2.42gb of new stuff between beta 2 and 3 #
  • "a global network of 600 million people, Yahoo! represents the Web" — — Not Google, not FB, but yes, Yahoo! is the web #

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