Twitter Updates for 2010-02-22
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  • @kentbrew I get more comments and interaction on average from FB (linked to my Twitter) than I do on Twitter. I'm (cont) in reply to kentbrew #
  • @mager @foursquare I find it a little annoying how points follow the city of checkin, especially weeks where you're in 6-7 different cities. in reply to mager #
  • Feeling like an old pathetic shlep this morning. Fell asleep in the living room watching TV waiting to leave for @jf's birthday party. WTF!? #
  • @rckenned yes! I have good non-tech friends on FB who tell me they stay up on current stuff and get more smart just by reading my posts. in reply to rckenned #
  • @rckenned also, I have the ability to say something on Twitter w/o posting to FB and I've never found an instance wanting to use it. in reply to rckenned #
  • @spullara @rckenned see, that's the thing. There's only one "me". The things I keep close I almost (cont) in reply to spullara #
  • @kentbrew I do use something like that , only I have it setup to not post when I use that. Never found anything I'd say on Twitter & not FB in reply to kentbrew #
  • @mtabini becoming!? *ducks* in reply to mtabini #
  • Just saw an interesting sounding restaraunt browsing close places on 4sq. I'm going to try their brunch. Anyone in SNV/SC/MV up for going? #
  • house in SF's Richmond District has an entrance designed to look like a Space Shuttle /cc @schingler and @jessykate #
  • Just checked out menu online. They have 6 different styles of Eggs Benedict! How could I live here for 4.5yrs without knowing of this place? #
  • Very interesting insight into "Knee Jerk" reactions by @rands. I think lately I'm more "Still Water". How about you? #
  • @rtmfd So did VMware 2! in reply to rtmfd #
  • At @Starbucks working while waiting for my date later today. All the chairs are taken in the "quiet area" but oh well, still productive here #
  • @schill I really hope you are saying that tongue in cheek. That website is flash abuse to the extreme. The "non-flash" link is comical too! in reply to schill #
  • @schill If it's websites like that which I'll "miss out on" because of iPad's lack of Flash, please tell me where I can put my CC # to buy! in reply to schill #
  • Thinking maybe the weight of my backpack is too much and the straps are digging into my shoulders. Time to throw some stuff out. A lot out. #
  • @mdhughes while my real backpack could probably use some work, I was being figurative when I said "backpack". in reply to mdhughes #

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