Twitter Updates for 2010-02-13
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  • @timbray one could only hope. ;) in reply to timbray #
  • OH: "when I get back to school I'm so going to give her a piece of my mind. If she doesn't listen, I'm so (cont) #
  • I sat in a deserted secluded area of the airport to avoid excessive noise. Apparently I landed at the place all employees congregate to chat #
  • Wow… who would have thunk? Tables are now "semantically valid" layout markup again in HTML5? #
  • Umm… Wow… simply wow… No other words can be used to describe this… Only IE could contrive something like this. #
  • @Mandriva – "Surprise your beloved one with sweetness and freedom!" … Just what a S/O wants for Valentines Day! WTF!? Where's the shark? #
  • I abhore mailing lists which break the commonly accepted reply-to semantics. If I want to include the whole list, I'll reply all dagnabit! #
  • Ohh! Free Kindle!? I have Prime and buy a ton (sadly, almost literally) with it AMZN! /via #
  • @jf lucky bastard. My flight is delayed. :( in reply to jf #
  • Is it a good or bad thing when I email people in other depts and they reply "yeah, saw on your FB wall"? Happened several times this week. #
  • "flight control delay in SF _AND_ mechanical problem with plane" Dear Lord! I might as well call movers & have them send my stuff here! :( #
  • Mechanic just came out. "Airplane is now fixed, we just have to put it back together now and there's a lot of screws." #
  • Boarded… Happy to finally be on my way home! #
  • We can't leave as our food has "expired". So now we sit and wait for replacement meals. Not sure how I'm staying calm and pleasant but I am. #
  • Can anybody tell me what the bottom two languages here are for sure? They both look like Chinese to me. #
  • The tug bar is frozen onto the front wheel now and they can't break it free. They got guys jumping up and down apparently trying to fix it. #
  • Wheels up, wish me luck!  #
  • Wheels down and in SFO too. Double joy! #
  • One nice thing about long delays is it gets people to break out of their shells and you can make a number of new "single serving" friends. #
  • @ultramookie Both are Chinese? Why would it be written twice like that? in reply to ultramookie #

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