Twitter Updates for 2010-02-11
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  • @mdhughes TMI in reply to mdhughes #
  • Only in Washington, DC is there an online signup form for a snowball fight along with a requisite disclaimer agreement you must sign. #
  • "Powerpoint group edition" — Using Google Docs with everyone editing a slide each. Collaboration = Good, GDocs as Powerpoint = Not so good. #
  • Apparently I am going to be in DC a bit longer than planned. All flights out tonight are canceled and first flight I can get is on Friday. #
  • Is ignorance really bliss as the saying goes, or is my current belief that it's better to know everything, even if it hurts you, more right? #
  • Possible somehow to detect which of or is called in this? var foo={}; foo.__defineGetter__("bar",function(){/*in here*/}); #
  • If anybody can find a way to solve this: in a Spydermonkey based Javascript environment, you will be rewarded well. #

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