Twitter Updates for 2010-02-10
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  • OH: "Remind me to bring my own Internet when having a meeting at Microsoft" #
  • Little bit of snow on the ground is apparently costing $100 million PER DAY here in Washington DC. WTF!? #
  • @lukewelling yep! Exactly where the cost is. in reply to lukewelling #
  • @pordal no, not talking about removal at all. Lost productivity + government employees still being paid is supposedly $100 million a day in reply to pordal #
  • Ok, dropping everyone else off at their place? Easy. Getting my own self back to the hotel? Umm.. hair raising! Yeah, no fun! #snopocolypse #
  • @jf See Facebook for my description to Patrick of the "Adventures of R street" … :) in reply to jf #
  • I think something is wrong with my iPhone and/or the charger. It's /discharging/ WHILE plugged in if I have the screen on (and it's <5% now) #
  • Oh good! It was the charger! Plugging the phone into the laptop works just fine. Wish you could enable just BT tethering and not both USB/BT #

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