Twitter Updates for 2010-02-09
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  • @meekthegeek except it was almost 3am when I said that. Pacific TZ might be the center of the world, but it's not the only TZ. >:) in reply to meekthegeek #
  • Somehow missed this until a friend just sent the link: Things that make you go hmm… might be true? one never knows. #
  • Want to ask me anything? – I'm a sheep in posting the link, but not in creating an account (had that for a while now). #
  • Protip: Accessing remote OS X machine via SSH & need to mount an unmounted disk? 'diskutil list' and 'diskutil mountDisk' are your friends. #
  • About four years ago, this place was one of my favorite Americanized Chinese places I had ever been to. Wondering if it'll live up to memory #
  • Either my memory is bad or the place went down hill. Don't get me wrong, Mr Chen's is still good, but not anything near "favorite" territory #
  • My hotel = good location, decent accommodations, comfortable bed, cheap price. Downside? Internet here ain't got nothing on a 300 baud modem #
  • Couple photos from when I was out earlier this even. Massive drift piles in some places. #

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