Twitter Updates for 2010-02-08
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  • Just saw an Airbus A380 in person for the 1st time. Imagine a A320 that mated with a double decker bus from England. Roughly the appearance #
  • Wondering if we should put something in the RHoK bylaws about how many founders can be on the same plane. Atleast I'm closest to the front! #
  • Back in DC. Seems like I was only here yesterday. Disappointed I missed my Super Bowl commercial debut, but that's what DVR's why invented. #
  • 2+ hour wait for taxi, so got rental. Amazing how easy it was to drive, but I grew up in the Midwest I guess. #
  • Just blew the mind of the hotel staff standing outside. Guy asked me in a straight face if I was a professional stunt car driver. #snomg #
  • @sh1mmer crazy reverse manuever over a huge snow drift on a solid ice sheet with a tire wide crack in the middle to get into parking garage in reply to sh1mmer #
  • @sh1mmer I didn't think it was that impressive, but he did. DC folks apparently aren't used to driving on packed snow and ice. in reply to sh1mmer #
  • @sh1mmer Not sure I'd want to be chased by women who were doing it because I backed up fast and turned while braking at right moment on ice. in reply to sh1mmer #
  • @rckenned @yaypie another big +1 from me for 1Password. Good password gen, syncing, and decent interface. in reply to rckenned #
  • Great photos which capture the #snowpocalypse situation in DC from @Jessykate #
  • Having the darndest time falling asleep. Not sure why either. Nothing bothering me more than usual, actually tired even, yet insomnia insues #

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