Twitter Updates for 2010-02-03
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  • @worldlyjohn More like I'm on "flight time". I'm unfortunately forced to red-eye in and then turn around and red-eye out for this meeting. in reply to worldlyjohn #
  • The amount of grain needed to fill the tank of a SUV w/ ethanol just once can feed a person for a year /via @cheesycons #
  • Wow, YQL now contains the bible: (via @codepo8) #
  • Yup, that was my fingers which just fell on the ground frozen. Thank god for knowing how to type with my nose. #
  • Dead tired, but made the cutoff for getting a boarding pass by 3 minutes. Guess there's a decent chance I'll make it home tonight. #
  • Most iPhones today had zero signal inside State Dept. Occasionally one would get enough signal to vibrate and jealousy would ensue around. #
  • Not only did they hold the plane for me, she also handed me an upgraded ticket too as I walked up. I feel special now. Thanks United! :D #
  • Boo! Knew it was too good to be true. Travel was going way to well today. #
  • Now up to three $250 e-certificates and one 20% off a flight e-cert thanks to United screwing up all the time lately. Not sure it's worth it #

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