Twitter Updates for 2010-02-01
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  • I think the pricing they propose there is more or less reasonable & I fear Amazon is cutting off their nose to spite their face /re @tarasis in reply to tarasis #
  • Five out of 8 flight segments next week confirmed for first class upgrade. Part of me is hoping the rest will confirm, but satisfied if not. #
  • @izs On what protocol? If HTTP, nothing bad. Many web servers which do streaming compression omit it already anyway. in reply to izs #
  • Can anybody tell me one good reason why Google "needed" to use Flash here? I don't see any value add w/ Flash #
  • The cost of going from "geek niche" to more mainstream (relatively). Nov: 12.16% w/o Flash visiting Dec: 9.24%. Jan: 5.93% #
  • — "But if you're coming to Ruby from PHP, that's like coming to New York City from Palookaville, Omaha." … ROFLMAO! #
  • Just spent the last 20 minutes hunting for my Ti-92 calculator only to find out the stupid thing won't turn on even with fresh batteries. ;( #
  • Just finished a super hard (to me anyway) calculus statistics proof. Anxiously awaiting to learn if I got it right or not. :| #
  • That is hands down the most math related LaTeX I've typed in one day in a long time. Between that and the calculus, my brain == fried. FTW! #
  • Trying to decide what I need to buy this year from here: … There never seems to be a right answer to that question :( #

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