Twitter Updates for 2010-01-28
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  • I think the iPad is going to be a MacBook Air killer. Cya Air, was nice knowing you while you existed. #
  • $29.95 / month for unlimited data on the iPad with no contract? I pay more than that on my iphone WITH contract! WTF!? Rage! #
  • Starting at $499??? WOW! #
  • Even the top end model with 64gb and 3G is only $829. How about dem apples!? #
  • @Carlo I assume you are going to share that knowledge, yes?? :) :) in reply to Carlo #
  • SDK now downloading! 20 minutes remaining! #
  • re: @jf Considering I can SSH on a non-Jailbroken iPhone and the iPad runs all iPhone apps, yes, you can SSH on it. in reply to jf #
  • Man I am glad I switched to U-verse at home. Pulling a solid 2.0MB/sec downloading the iPad/iPhone 3.2 SDK. Nearly done already! #
  • @CocoaSamurai You have to accept the NDA before you can click on the tab for the 3.2 beta SDK. in reply to CocoaSamurai #
  • Gotta love U-Verse… #
  • Was I the first of anyone I follow on Twitter? #ipad #sdk #
  • Hmmm… What's with all the "Access Denied" messages on links to documentation. You let me haz SDK, but no documentation? #
  • Reading the last bullet point of the Xcode / Developer Tools section of the Release Notes makes me go hmmm.. Am I reading to much into that? #
  • @fraserspeirs I've got them up on screen now. in reply to fraserspeirs #
  • Wondering how long it will take until the #iPad is #jailbroken and/or someone hacks it to run normal OS X apps. Anybody wanna place bets? #
  • re: @adurdin I believe that's likely answered on page 10 in the "What's new" developer PDF. I think I like it from the sounds of it. in reply to adurdin #
  • Anybody else notice you can't scale when rotated horiz? Makes it rather hard to fit when used on a 13" MBP. At least vert orientation scales #
  • Yeah! New surprise is waiting for me over in shipping & receiving! Got press eval unit of something awesome! #
  • @bubblybernie I can picture you being quite good at breaking things, so you wouldn't get any shock from me by you saying you are doing QA. in reply to bubblybernie #
  • Makes me sick to my stomach to realize that all it took to fix a bad layout / formatting issue on IE6 was to remove the doctype. #
  • @mdhughes I've not had to deal with browser compatibility in roughly 1.5 years really myself either. "Special" exception for current project in reply to mdhughes #
  • @simonw @sh1mmer You would need a custom heavily modified kernel to be able to support anywhere even remotely that many simultaneous conns. in reply to simonw #

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