Twitter Updates for 2010-01-22
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  • "…. Sec. Clinton may mention @randomhacks – so keep an ear out!" /via @schingler #
  • I hope fate / higher powers / random bits of chaos / whatever are on my side today. Trying to pull off even bigger miracle than last week's! #
  • @svenburg @schingler you've definitely been missed! Good to have you back! in reply to svenburg #
  • @svenburg it wouldn't be parenthood if everything related happened with good timing. Take the fun and challenge out of it then, right? :) in reply to svenburg #
  • CrisisCamp Haiti Silicon Valley venue confirmed. It will be hosted at Yahoo! Sunnyvale Campus. #cchaiti #
  • Either I'm delusional from sleep dep or the city is unusually looking rather photogenic. Must avoid temptation to get camera from trunk. #
  • @MehraBee lack of sleep, ultra busy next 48hrs, & I've still got hour drive south to get home tonight. At least that's my excuses to myself. in reply to MehraBee #
  • @efbatey not raining in san Francisco currently. Missed the call, knee deep in last minute event logistics. Did you take notes? in reply to efbatey #
  • The view while driving down roads like 17th street make me wish I lived in the city. Especially on nights like this. Simply awe inspiring. #
  • You will be at CrisisCamp, yes? Any skill set welcome, all it takes it is a passion to help! #cchaiti — Please RT! #
  • Overwhelming majority feel @GoogleWave is an ineffective communications tool for disaster response teams.×2msp #
  • Of all surveyed comms tools, Twitter took a decisive lead w/92% of responders saying it's effective #cchaiti #

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