Twitter Updates for 2010-01-21
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  • My body has begrudgingly decided to stop punishing me after giving it two "normal" (comparatively speaking) nights of sleep in a row. #
  • @schingler You will be missed out here on the better coast. :) in reply to schingler #
  • Can anyone who had issues access yesterday please try again today? Hoping the invalid entry has finally expired TTL everywhere! #
  • @jacobrothstein Try now. Fixed with a ghetto patch in DNS. :) in reply to jacobrothstein #
  • Anyone involved with CrisisCamp Haiti, please help distribute the word that IRC DNS issues are now confirmed resolved. #cchaiti #
  • Just found another very annoying arbitrary limitation in PHP's lexer grammar…

    Doing this: $this->$foo[] = $bar;

    Isn't possible. Boo! #

  • @yaypie pretty gnarly syntax, no? array_push($this->foo, $bar) seems like a cleaner approach. in reply to yaypie #
  • @yaypie nahh… variables variables are very useful in some contexts and not gnarly, IMHO. Just this one usage sucks and is non-intuitive. in reply to yaypie #
  • Pardon the language, but man it's such an awesome high when you can tell a collection of web browsers… "Who's da beeyach neeeoooow!!!!" #

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