Twitter Updates for 2010-01-18
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  • Unusually positive comment re: AppStore approvals: "Apple is apparently approving Haiti related apps near instantly." — Great work guys!! #
  • Photos from CrisisCamp Haiti – Silicon Valley. #cchaiti — Next time need to task someone else with my real camera. #
  • Didn't tweet about this earlier, but umm… wow… near speechless. Thanks @jakebrewer! I just keep doing what I can. #
  • @efbatey There are extensive issues in this area. If you want to discuss further, I have immense background in this space. in reply to efbatey #
  • @efbatey We will have a transcript after the call. Noel and/or Heather will work to distribute that in the appropriate format. in reply to efbatey #
  • @robbkidd Unfortunately, not easily. Doesn't Skype allow free outbound calls to toll free #'s (thought they did). in reply to robbkidd #

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