Twitter Updates for 2010-01-16
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  • Taking everything I can muster just to keep my head above water these past 48hrs. Never received so much email needing read/response before. #
  • My cell phone today, sitting in the same _exact spot_ without being moved at all, keeps alternating between "Searching…" & 5 bars. FU AT&T #
  • Mind boggling how such a non-obvious link (barely even know it can be clicked on) on the Yahoo! homepage can drive _that_ much traffic. #
  • I'm at Ozone in San Francisco, CA #
  • If Foursquare's clock is to be believed, I just made it from Moscone Center to Yahoo Building D in under 33 minutes.. Hmm. Really? R U sure? #
  • Why am I in the office at 1am tonight? In words of coworker over IM just min ago "You're saving lives!". How often can u say that as a dev? #

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