Twitter Updates for 2010-01-12
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  • Why I'm not a "webdev" anymore (and always hated it when I was one in the past): #
  • @ejacqui Damn! But that does sound so good!! :P in reply to ejacqui #
  • Every time I see a video online taken with a 5DMk2 I immediately recognize it as such w/o fail. Is that a good or a bad thing? Discuss! #
  • I swear it wasn't me! #
  • Whoever named this road Oregon Expressway must have a totally different definition of "express" than what Websters thinks it is. #
  • Day dreaming about being like Griffin "jumping" a Mercedes through the streets of Tokyo makes being parked on the 580 more bearable somehow #
  • I'm at Starbucks in Berkeley, CA #
  • @brentsimmons re: this blog post: I completely agree, only for different reasons. I want that as my "weekday" client :) #
  • @rckenned I don't see how it was ever an "express" route except for maybe 1/2 mile of it. Central Expressway its obvious, Oregon not so much in reply to rckenned #
  • Glad I went and read previous tweets of a friend before responding. Apparently my mind is way in the gutter compared to the actual subject. #
  • Anybody know of a quality shop which does _in house_ (aka <24 hours turn-around) printing of photos larger than 8×10 in the South Bay area? #
  • @ramsey maybe the trains aren't powered primarily by "fuel" and so they are shadily misrepresenting facts. in reply to ramsey #
  • @fastest963 how does your class improve on how curl does that already via curl_multi? /me interested in reply to fastest963 #
  • I'm at Kirala in Berkeley, CA #
  • /me has a lot to contemplate.  Long drive in progress might or might not be a good thing. #
  • @fastest963 sharing the code? in reply to fastest963 #
  • Just had an offer from a friend that I really should decline ,but I'm now headed to MRY anyway. You only live once, right? Night HALO, FTW!? #
  • Booo! Apparently the wind conditions are just too far outside parameters. :( Glad I found out before I got on the road heading that way. #
  • Tonight might not have ended up being the night, but man, I am determined to make it happen some night in my life one way or another. #
  • Wondering what the wind chill would be for -40C air temperature and a wind speed of 125 knots. Anybody know of an online calculator for it? #
  • Yes, Yes, I know… I've now found the answer to my question. <-100ºF. aka ridiculously ass cold #

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