Twitter Updates for 2010-01-10
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  • @cheesycons Annoying, but only because of who they request donations for, not the concept in general. in reply to cheesycons #
  • Want to be awe struck and amazed and then utterly crushed and deflated? Watch video #1 (former) and #3 (later) here: #
  • @schingler @jessykate Interested in hacking tonight / tomorrow? #
  • @zadr I blame his client. The link he replied to worked perfectly for me in Tweetie. in reply to zadr #
  • I obsessively hate websites limited to <800 width, but when your website doesn't even fit on my monitor, you've FAILED! #
  • @jessykate That sounds like an awesome plan! Would love to get the #rhok website live that holiday weekend anyway, so this will motivate me. in reply to jessykate #
  • @rasmus MMI wise there was an even stronger one half an hour later. Makes me wonder if there's more to come sometime soon. in reply to rasmus #
  • @SteveStreza Didn't feel a thing in South Bay. in reply to SteveStreza #
  • @al3x I think you left out many additional reasons hero's exist on teams. "Patch sessions" are far from (cont) in reply to al3x #
  • @al3x To be clear, I didn't mean bad mgmt in general, just mean it can be a cause of issues with "heros" on a team too, not just buggy code. in reply to al3x #
  • Been a long time since I could so deeply associate with a blog post. Everyone should read and understand it! (by @al3x) #
  • Just checked my stats on my U-verse & at my rate of data usage over the past 10 days, I will easily break 1 TB transfer this month @ _home_! #
  • Just watched the most unexpected movie to be in "HD". Smokey and the Bandit. Man that's such an awesome classic movie from the 70's. #
  • Just learned of a new type of photography. Pretty awesome! Examples: #

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