Twitter Updates for 2010-01-09
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  • Aftershock! #
  • Judge: Why did u kill that Debian package maintainer?
    Accused: They enabled magic quotes by default
    Judge: Case dismissed

    (PHP geek humor) #

  • "If you rely on magic_quotes_* to fix your problem, now you have two problems." — @mrhalzy

    (I'd venture more than two personally) #

  • @jsnell Please please don't Google… not at least until Tweetie 2 for Mac is out. :( in reply to jsnell #
  • @Ihnatko The iPhone _clearly_ is better based on that sample and personally the iPhone camera isn't worth a shit (has it's moments though) in reply to Ihnatko #
  • This looks so useful, I think I'm clicking on the "Download" followed by the "Donate" button. You should too! ;) #
  • Want to build an app for your TV? The WDK is now available: as well as the forums are now public: #
  • In other news, I've now broke the 700 post mark on the YDN forums. Why do I always get stuck with "that" job everywhere I've ever worked? #
  • Horrible photo, but anybody have an idea what shoes they are? Black suede like top, red shiny soles. #

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