Twitter Updates for 2010-01-06
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  • I wish the iPhone would hurry up and support 5ghz 802.11. 2.4ghz is so heavily polluted in my neighborhood and 5ghz is a wide open frontier. #
  • @jf Not sure it's possible (ok, "feasible") to bring in that much bandwidth into a home even in the distant future. Yahoo! office b/w FTW! in reply to jf #
  • @pixelarchitect You sir, are an evil evil man! You can't post links like that when meal time is still so far away. >:( in reply to pixelarchitect #
  • @SteveStreza Playing devils advocate here (not saying I disagree with you), but it's much easier to appear to iter (cont) in reply to SteveStreza #
  • Want a better workflow testing Ruby code using irb with Vim? Slime.vim is your friend! Check out a quick tutorial here: #
  • When you're mixing look-ahead/behind assertions, named subpatterns, and recursion in the same regex, you know it's time to give up the ghost #
  • I just wrote & tested one of the the longest regexs of my life and it WORKS! In other news, I promised my first born to: #
  • Hands down probably one of the best online regex testers I've ever used. Seriously, this thing rocks on so many levels. #
  • @atebits Please don't make me go hunt for another desktop Twitter client. Bring Tweetie for Mac out of the dark ages. I'll pay more! :( #
  • Just stumbled across some old photos of the Houston Astrodome from early Sep 2005. Didn't expect them to evoke such an emotional reaction :( #
  • Without having been there yourself, not sure one can fully appreciate the emotions this image brings to me: #
  • Just made a lot of behind the scenes improvements to my website tonight. Should be faster, better indexed, and a touch shinier too. #
  • You know you're up too late when you can't figure out why your dang email won't send after typing ESC :wq and then realize you aren't in vim #

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