Twitter Updates for 2010-01-05
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  • @rckenned didn’t someone do one of Filo a long time ago? I need to check and see if I can find that again. in reply to rckenned #
  • @hagus or support lists or … I thought @atebits said the new shared codebase would make releases faster, not slow as molasses in winter? in reply to hagus #
  • @mattgemmell WTF!? I check and it’s $39.99? The pound isn’t doing that well compared to the dollar! in reply to mattgemmell #
  • Partly glad I decided to back out of going to CES this year, but at the same time slightly disappointed. Probably very wise decision. #
  • AT&T the AOL of 1997?

    In other news, congrats on finally moving to “real” news worthy topics @karaswisher! #

  • It’s amazing how not being able to click on one button on my iPhone can have a profound effect on my morning routine. Me = creature of habit #
  • Said in my best @tychay voice (admittedly pretty weak impersonation), “Me! Me! Me!” … #
  • Trying to figure out what’s the best way to leverage my apparent Google juice. Every time I “try” to pro (cont) #
  • Anyone have tips on ways to debug PHP (and I mean the setting breakpoints & inspecting current scope style debug) w/o a web server involved? #
  • @jamiei Yes, I am very aware of XDebug (and know @derickr personally). I’ve never seen a workflow using it for _in (cont) in reply to jamiei #
  • My brain is fried from excessive regex creation today. I think someone needs to start a support group. Regex Anonymous (RA) or similar. #
  • Funny IM conversation between me and a friend:

    Me: “My state machine is working well so far”
    Me: ” (cont) #

  • My brain’s fried from regexes today. Tricky one:


    But it works! FTW! #

  • Neighbors sound like they have Saturday Night Fever going at volume 11 (on the classic scale of 1 to 10). Oy vey! Shoot me now! :( #
  • 10 things you need to stop tweeting about … No seriously, everyone read this. I’m sure you do at least one if not more #
  • For the couple of you who follow me that write code in Ruby, here’s a good method for unit testing private obj methods: #
  • @spullara I didn’t write that list or it might have included those… oh wait, that would affect my tweets too! Umm… yeah, those are kewl! in reply to spullara #
  • Feel it’s weird to “expect” to be “rewarded” for reporting someone’s security problems, aka “Pay me for telling u the vault door is open!” #

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