Twitter Updates for 2010-01-04
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  • Knee and ankle were doing better yesterday, but I must have slept wrong last night as today I can barely stay standing each time I get up.  #
  • The quality of TUAW reporting keeps declining. :( Today’s example: … Semi-useful tip, horrible delivery/commentary. #
  • @iTod I’d more use “licensed” rather than “borrowed”. Google paid money for it. Good ole patent ‘316. in reply to iTod #
  • Friend just sent me an amusing link. Apparently the top end Ford Taurus is $45,000+ MSRP. WTF!? $45k “Taurus”!? Jump the shark much Ford? #
  • 5 years ago I’d have thought this was nuts: … Looking back now after having been at Yahoo! for 4.5 years, I now agree #
  • I _so_ wish I could do this: #
  • If I had a quarter of a million dollars I could just blow and be guilt free afterwards, this is what I’d spend it on: #

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