Twitter Updates for 2010-01-01
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  • Trying to overcome feelings of  and find the will to go tonight somewhere. #
  • Ok, I’ll play along with this meme. #10yearsago I was lead developer for a startup trying to be a competitor to Network Solutions for DNS. #
  • Trying to overcome feelings of  and find the will to go  tonight somewhere. #
  • #10yearsago today, I was snuck out the back door of a friend’s house party because someone there wanted to kill me for sleeping with his ex. #
  • Seems not only are we 2,500 miles apart east coasters, now you’re in a different decade too. Want to make us feel any more distant? :( #
  • You mean they aren’t even televising the NYE bash in HD!? Really ABC? #
  • Never mind, I am a moron. Channel 1007 is HD, not channel 7. Not sure why anyone would want separate HD and non-HD channels. #
  • Amazing how much different Chris Daughtry looks 3 years later. Then again, I look really different too I guess. #
  • If it’s not already dumb enough to fire guns up into the air, it’s gotta take an insanely dumb person to do it with a full auto. #classy2009 #
  • It’s 2010 already? Doesn’t seem any different than 10 minutes ago. Guess the gun fire was replaced with fireworks, so that’s something new. #

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