Twitter Updates for 2009-12-31
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  • Two days left. Something tells me AT&T is going to fail at this “confirmation”. Thanks De la Vega! #
  • Ok, I’ll be a sheep today.

    Want to ask me anything? –

    Want to see where I’m “checked in” at? – #

  • It’s easy to go without using the Internet, that is until it’s down. Then all you can think about is getting back online. Hmm.. Patience..  #
  • Yeah! Smoking fast Internet at home now and I didn’t have to sell my soul to Comcast to get it either! #
  • @rickymontalvo What do you do when you can’t make it out of the place without her trying to get you to buy all new things for your condo? in reply to rickymontalvo #
  • Good news, install went fast and TV / Internet / Phone is working great. Bad news is my IP changed and now I’m not whitelisted anymore. :( #
  • Quite happy with the detailed stats. Guess that 1,200ft of copper is of better quality than I expected. #
  • Hmm… With a gigabit/min of incoming bandwidth at home, going into the office on weekends/holidays seems less tempting now. Good thing!? #
  • @ultramookie AT&T U-verse. If it’s available in your area and you want to sign up, ping me first and we can split the referral bonus. in reply to ultramookie #
  • @ultramookie Check out this: Mine resync’d at higher speed from earlier. Not bad for $55/month, eh? in reply to ultramookie #
  • @ultramookie yeah, it’s only been available for three weeks in my neighborhood. Been anxiously waiting for a long time, so I know how u feel in reply to ultramookie #
  • Just went on a crack… Er… La Cumbre Taqueria run to San Mateo. Now back to head down programming mode. Hope I’ve got more Red Bull.  #

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