Twitter Updates for 2009-12-29
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  • Is it weird if I’m contemplating unfollowing someone just because their avatar icon is so frighteningly painful looking? Sorry @SaraMG :( #
  • Sign you are waking up in the wrong timezone: Looking at the stock markets and going WTF!? what do you mean they aren’t open yet at 7:15am? #
  • @SteveStreza I’d 100% agree with that sentiment, if only I was in my own bed like I was supposed to be last night. Thanks United Airlines! in reply to SteveStreza #
  • One positive thing about #United in the past 24hrs, their 1k CS team are super rockstars. Not had such an awesome CS experience in a while. #
  • Original ride is in SF working today, anybody want to do a #kindness act and pick me up at #sjc at noon today? DM/text/email me in next hr  #
  • Yeah! Fellow Yahoos rule! Ride confirmed when I land in a few hours. #
  • Yes, annoying rules from TSA re: wifi, in-flight TV, etc …but for only 3 days (exp. 12/30/09) Let’s not exaggerate. #
  • United, you really have a twisted sense of humor and are really trying my patience. How jacked up is your damn fleet of POS 757’s? #
  • Yeah! Jet bridge is leaving us a second time today. Apparently they could fix the door this time unlike last night. UAL slightly less FAIL  #
  • Yeah for drizzly California! Home sweet home! #
  • @mtabini Totally agree. :( in reply to mtabini #
  • @SaraMG Yes… (sheepish)… Thanks! in reply to SaraMG #
  • 280,000 random acts of kindness and counting. There’s a lot of warmth out there. #kindness (via @rockclimbergirl) #
  • @EricainSF A very old one. :) It’s been a 747-200 for about 20 years, so that’s gotta be _really_ old. in reply to EricainSF #
  • One awesome thing about going home and visiting family instead of going somewhere else? I’m now unpacking a suitcase full of CLEAN clothes. #
  • Freaks me out sometimes when I watch a movie and the story is so intimately familiar I almost wonder if the movie was based on “me” somehow. #
  • Paying forward the #kindness act of a friend who picked me up at airport earlier today by giving another friend a ride home tonight from SJC #

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