Twitter Updates for 2009-12-27
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  • Meeting up with old friends at Pine Tree junction then heading into Branson, MO. The excitement of going to Branson is oozing out of me…  #
  • Not sure which is scarier, the cheap cheap prices at Coach and related outlet malls or the fact I know current retail prices on said items. #
  • @tristan While I agree Ruby is a great scripting lang, the Perl point warrants some merit. See “superators” here: WTF!? #
  • @schwa So far nothing has changed except additional screening measures. The only real change involves CA->US flights imposed by Canadian gov in reply to schwa #
  • @zadr From what I’ve read, that is Canada -> US flights only. According to there isn’t any new restrictions from them (yet). #
  • @schingler So I guess my laptop is about 2 years old then? Eep! in reply to schingler #
  • Wish I could say I didn’t agree with almost every comment on this so far: TSA never ceases to amaze w/ its incompetence #
  • @mojombo “now available to download for Apple MacOSX, making it the best platform for web applications development on the Mac” … Um, yeah? in reply to mojombo #

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