Twitter Updates for 2009-12-23
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  • Son of a B$TCH! Just found one of my most expensive compact flash cards in the dryer. I _so_ hope it still works. Sniffle… Tears… #
  • I’m probably guessing this is pure coincidence like most conspiracy theories, but definitely makes you go hmmm, yes? #
  • @ultramookie agree. It works, but my faith in it is gone.  in reply to ultramookie #
  • On Caltrain to Milbrea. Tickled to death my Fedex package arrived in time before I left. It’s _so_ mind blowingly awesome I can’t believe it #
  • This is why you don’t let 9-year olds on Twitter. Oh wait, that’s actually Sarah Palin. /via @SteveStreza #
  • OH: “Smells like urine, yep, we must be on BART”

    Sad, but true. WTF!? Can haz decent public transit please? #

  • If I’m already cold here after forgetting my jacket, it’s going to suck where I’m going. Advance team that’s already there, help please!? :) #
  • Apparently snarky attitude about removing sweater + TSA having bad day = get strip searched. Something to keep in mind this holiday season. #
  • Baffeled by the # of attractive women on this flight. Highest % of pretty much any flight I’ve been on, especially to where I’m flying to. #

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