Twitter Updates for 2009-12-21
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  • Wonder how many people have gone to this page and already signed up to be notified of it’s release date? #
  • People like @schingler and crew are giving me a new perspective on NASA. Really excited about some of the projects they are working on. #
  • Just took a friend to SFO for their flight without being asked. #kindness #
  • Apparently NASA shares my <3 for the best taqueria in the world, La Cumbre in San Mateo. Yes, they are that good! #
  • Handed out Yahoo! purple light up bouncy balls to 20-25 kids in San Mateo wishing them Happy Holidays & yodeling for a few #kindness You In? #
  • Any Yahoo!s want to go spread some holiday cheer today? Get a very rare “Yah we can!” Jerry & Filo t-shirt and a warm heart for your effort. #
  • Just paid for the bill for the person in front of me at Ikea. #kindness You in? Http:// #
  • Oooohhh… I want one of these. Too kewl! #
  • These look bad ass too for anyone into photo / video editing, sadly not sure which style or keyboard type I would want. #
  • @janeylicious Ohhh! And cheaper too! :) Ty Ty! in reply to janeylicious #
  • Just bought coffee for the 2 people behind me in line @Starbucks. Amazed how shocked people get. #kindness you in? #
  • Lady who I just bought coffee for said “this is the first time in my life a stranger has ever bought something for me” #kindness You in? #
  • Wifi went down at @Starbucks so I switched over to tethered. Completely forgot I was tethered for last 2hrs as it’s faster than wifi here. #
  • Just spent the past 8 hours straight at @Starbucks. Think that’s easily the longest I’ve ever spent there in my life. #

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