Twitter Updates for 2009-12-16
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  • Wondering how much diff there is in the brightness of a full moon when extreme perigee coincides with perihelion? Also when it happens next? #
  • @kentbrew yeah, from what I saw this will be the best since 2005 (but not better), previous to that the last “real good” one was like 1974. in reply to kentbrew #
  • 34 Languages of McDonalds: — I’m surprised I guessed 11 on the first try. Guess I’m a better linguist than I thought. #
  • @julie_anna Yeah, I saw that after watching her video and voting for her. I think she chose more wisely on the cold front… :) in reply to julie_anna #
  • Companies which have billions of dollars of other’s money are just plain pathetic when their customer service doesn’t open till 9am PACIFIC! #
  • If it’s not bad enough to be tortured with Christmas music while on hold, I’m being subjected to music so loud it’s distorted and garbled :( #
  • Just spent the last 3hrs 11min on the phone with customer service departments (I put off my sadistic torture and deal w/ it all in one day). #
  • Got nearly $1,000 off my bills this month fixed, so I guess ~$325/hr for my time was acceptable. If only it wasn’t their fault to begin with #
  • Buying postage for random strangers at the post office doing purple acts of #kindness for the holidays? You in? #
  • You’d think I’d learn after all these years what’s my limit & not push myself to the point where driving home has a danger of falling asleep #
  • Reading work related email which begins w/ “Y! Cupcake Fairies”. Not sure how to reply to someone who addresses me as ‘Y! Cupcake Fairy’. :| #
  • Then sometimes you get emails that just really make you smile and crack up laughing like a kid. (nodding my head towards TX in appreciation) #

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