Twitter Updates for 2009-12-15
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  • “Objective C and Perl programmers are the most foul-mouthed.” and other interesting programming lang on GitHub facts: #
  • My coworkers are so freaking evil. One brought in homemade ultra ultra rich mint fudge, another homemade fresh baked cookies. #
  • @cortesi What software do you use for your blog? I like the comments / reactions part specifically. #
  • @pbur @importantshock I’ve got about that many full ones at my house right now. :) in reply to pbur #
  • WTF!? For shame Microsoft, for utter and total shame… (link via @mojombo) #
  • Apparently the most relevant image on Google Image Search of “asian tourists” is one of @tychay. hehe :D #
  • See the evil mental torture my coworkers invoke on each other? How the hell does one say no to something like this? #
  • Talk about stressful evenings… :( #
  • Eden team holidays reunion dinner in Palo Alto. #
  • @abiligiris it was edited in Photoshop… ;) in reply to abiligiris #
  • Laughing at the number of people who thought the photo I posted earlier was real. Guess my editing skills are better than I thought. :P #
  • Wondering how straight of a shot it is from my place to the VRAD just outside the condo complex I live in. Guess I’ll find out soon enough. #
  • Real “journalism” is dead apparently these days, especially when it has to do with reporting on AT&T and/or the iPhone. #

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