Twitter Updates for 2009-09-04
Category: Twitter

  • Coworker is having a conference call near me I really don’t want to be overhearing (affects projects I’m leading). Ignorance is bliss, yes!? #
  • I wish I was in good enough shape to do back flips. I would _so_ be doing them right now (its sorta sad I’m this excited about code working) #
  • So glad I learned of the Bayshore Rd shortcut. Heading north at 2-3x the speed of the 101 right now. #
  • The more I pair program in RoR, the more I realize why it’s so popular amongst “certain” crowds & subsequently has so low of performance. #
  • Urgent note to future awake self: Don’t forget to take your tux to the cleaners, otherwise it might not be ready in time for next Wednesday! #

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