Twitter Updates for 2009-09-03
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  • Woke up wide awake at 3:15 this morning unprovoked. Thankfully made it back to sleep & dreams that followed set me in a great mood today FTW #
  • I can’t help but feel I am being brutally raped at the Honda dealership today. The services they are doing should _not_ cost that much. :( #
  • I can’t help but feel when front brakes are at 50% w/ 25k miles, the back brakes should _not_ be at 0% when the car is FWD. Honda FAIL! #
  • Is there any OS in existence which has this? #
  • It’s not even noon and already 83 degrees outside. Work from beach day? #
  • @rckenned I think it’s all those bootleg turns I do using the handbreak every day to fit in the compact parking spots between the big trucks in reply to rckenned #
  • Not sure how to feel about the fact I can’t mention a big name company on Twitter lately without them following me within an hour later. #
  • Because I mentioned your company name once you follow me? Why!? At least @mgmgrand @ replies you (somewhat useful I guess), but most don’t. #
  • WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! /me does mega big (happy)(dance). Massive ground up rewrite of a _large_ chunk of code at work is running as it should! #

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