Twitter Updates for 2009-09-02
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  • You know you’ve been using your iPhone too much in the morning when it’s already below 75% before 7:30am after a fresh full charge. #
  • Um, AT&T, dont forget about your high value customers in Silicon Valley (and Blacksburg, VA)! We want more spectrum too! #
  • @chartier you mean there are actually enough Opera fans left to actually build more than a fleeting spark? in reply to chartier #
  • Trying to figure out how to word a “voice of reason” email to best get message across. Apple fanbois can be a tough bunch to get through to. #
  • Appears the Canon 7D sounds pretty awesome. Doesn’t top the 5DII, but still a great camera. Hrmmm. #
  • Every year right about this time my blood turns less and less purple. Wonder how much longer it’ll stay purple (not talking of leaving, FYI) #
  • Wishing I had brought better headphones to work (ER•4s maybe?). Annoyed with coworkers walking by expressing concern I am damaging my ears. #
  • Today’s ending a much better day than it started out. Slowly (too slowly really) forgetting about what was bothering me so much earlier. #
  • This is just too funny not to share… apparently pissing and moaning CAN fix problems. This story proves it! ;) #

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