Twitter Updates for 2009-08-29
Category: Twitter

  • Fixing to go on a driving tour of Washington Slagbaaai national park in Bonaire. Hoping for good photo ops! #
  • Because SL’s uses EWS, that means server side mail rule editing is unsupported. Microsoft please stop making Exchange suck. :( #
  • Hmmm… I am pretty close to due south east of Florida. Wonder what the trajectory of the space shuttle will be on launch in a half hour. #
  • @poplifegirl I’m watching on Ustream. Just wondering how southerly it will fly initially as I am really close to its equatorial flight path. in reply to poplifegirl #
  • @poplifegirl I’m too far south being just off the coast of South America. I was wrong, it’s doing a northly trajectory. in reply to poplifegirl #

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