Twitter Updates for 2009-08-23
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  • I thought InputManagers didn’t work on [redacted] ?? Is this blog post completely out in left field or was I misinformed? #
  • Getting sick of giving companies I think I trust my email address and them sending me multiple “marketing” emails in a day. Get a Fing clue! #
  • I can’t quite put a finger on it, but something about this sorta scares me. #
  • So now I know the SIMBL issue on [redacted]. B7 here: Wonder if there’s a way to hack around that (other than 32bit mode)? #
  • Anybody written/seen a tutorial on using DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES for swizzling? Really want my terminal/safari hacks back w/o using 32bit flag #
  • @thekarladam Yeah! Clicking that link crashed Safari! Go Apple! in reply to thekarladam #
  • @AcmePhoto Great stuff! I think you could use a bit of fill around her eyes though, no? in reply to AcmePhoto #
  • @heathermeeker Pix!! :) in reply to heathermeeker #
  • Reading & contemplating. Probably more of the later than the former. I can already tell this will likely not be a good night of sleep too :( #
  • Sun burn partly to blame, but I can’t seem to sleep tonight. I’ve tried every “trick” short of sleeping pills and still awake. Insomnia FAIL #

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