Twitter Updates for 2009-08-17
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  • Was hoping to use Google Voice to make and receive calls to the US, but guess I can’t. Google doesn’t support intl numbers, even for a fee. #
  • Photos from second dive today up on FB. Super happy that my “new” camera setup finally worked for the first time on a dive #
  • @julie_anna So you got a job out here yet? ;) If not, I am so sending an email that will likely embarrass you! in reply to julie_anna #
  • Only got two hours of restless sleep on the plane last night + a day of diving today. I think I am going to sleep like a log later tonight! #
  • There is an animal making a loud shrieking noise outside my window repeatedly. I’d hunt it down, but be my luck it’d be a protected species. #
  • @wilshipley What year / model Samsung TV do you have? in reply to wilshipley #
  • The shear incompetence of some people never ceases to amaze me. I’d be probably be literally over twice as efficient without them around. #
  • Took it easy on first day, only did two dives. 1st 46min w/ max depth 64ft the other one 57min max depth 68ft. Dove both times on 33% EANx. #
  • @wilshipley nice TV! I helped right part of the software for it. I’m baffled about u saying FW update already on it tho. Got a link to info? in reply to wilshipley #
  • @wilshipley nice TV! I helped write part of the software for it. I’m baffled about u updating FW already on it tho. Got a link to more info? in reply to wilshipley #
  • AAPL’s stock has more than doubled in less than 6 months time, during an economic downturn no less. Despite their faults, mighty impressive! #

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