Twitter Updates for 2009-08-16
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  • Seems activesync broke overnight on my trouser mac. Guess I need to run in the office this morning and attempt to fix it while sending a fax #
  • @stroughtonsmith You have seriously never heard that term before? You should google errr… yahoo … errr bing it. ;) in reply to stroughtonsmith #
  • Just realized I can save nearly 20gb of space off the AirBook by deleting one folder which I have backed up on multiple machines already FTW #
  • This is just ridiculous. (via @SteveStreza) — crazy insane game of laser beer pong anyone? #
  • Had a bad scare this morning. 1st ActiveSync stopped working, then badge rejected at the office. Thankfully all purely coincidental outages. #
  • OH: “Our Java VM servers are GCing 4gb of memory _every_ second.” — holy bejesus that’s incredible #
  • I’ve never made it through security with this x-Ray signature from my bags before without additional screening. Good thing!? Hmmm… #
  • Amazing the difference in feel between terminal 1 and my usual of terminal 3 at #sfo. Not a positive difference either, IMHO. #
  • No power plugs on this flight.  Continental first class FAIL! #
  • One more hour until flight. Anxious to get on and sleep. Whole row to myself, FTW! #
  • @SolveLLC Both, but this is a personal trip though. I’m spending the next two weeks deep under the sea in the tropics. in reply to SolveLLC #
  • Bye bye USA! See ya in two weeks. Antilles here I come! #
  • I must love sweating. Two vacations in a row now that I’m traveling to _very_ humid places. View & diving here so makes it worth it though! #

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