Twitter Updates for 2009-08-15
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  • @spullara Cisco VPN on a Mac is the antithesis of a stable machine. I bet MS pays them to cause Mac users to experience Windows “stability” in reply to spullara #
  • Wondering who I have to sleep with to get in on Google Wave beta. Never been left out on the fun this long before Google! Something I did?  #
  • @jdcoffman despite acting like one sometimes, I’m not a kid. 

    I’ve been in very very early on all G betas, just not this one.  in reply to jdcoffman #

  • @SolveLLC really!? Trade ya! ;) ;) in reply to SolveLLC #
  • @jdcoffman I think it’s just me as most people I know who wanted invites has them already. Apparently somebody doesn’t like me on that team. in reply to jdcoffman #
  • Realized I’ve actually missed chatting with a friend who’s been on vacation for the past two weeks. Not the “token” miss either. Oh well.  #
  • After the dream I had last night regarding luggage, I think I’m going to take the hint and start packing for my trip tomorrow right now. #
  • Surprisingly quick and easy to get all my dive gear rounded up and packed. Now for the hard bag to not over pack, cameras and electronics.  #
  • I’ve had 7 dropped calls this morning already! I think it’s time to invest in a microcell when I get back from vacay. AT&T go F yourself!  #
  • Maybe I should rant on Twitter more often. Just had a call from an old friend who works for AT&T who offered to investigate the issue. FTW! #
  • Just finished watching an awesome hack done by a coworker at Hack Day with @julie_anna. #
  • Annoyed at a coworker who I loaned a camera lens “for a day” to well over a week ago & still not returned it. Guess that won’t happen again. #
  • @julie_anna wish I could have heard the later stories! Bet they were quite entertaining based on the few I heard from [redacted] while there in reply to julie_anna #
  • All packed and ready for tomorrow’s flight. Doing one last time machine backup overnight just in case, but otherwise all ready to leave! #

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