Twitter Updates for 2009-08-08
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  • Whoever said TVs don’t have feelings? I just insulted one and it then literally self destructed into 1000s of tiny pieces. Seriously no B/S! #
  • I really need to learn to wait on assistance, especially when it’s already in route, as someday I might lose a limb. 42U rack falling = FAIL #
  • Yeah!! Weird Stuff just left with pallets of servers, telco and server racks, and monitors and TVs. #
  • @thekarladam Actually there is only three and one of those you didn’t mention. DOM, SimpleXML, & XML Parser. Each excels in different areas in reply to thekarladam #
  • All it takes is a little motivation. Before: & After: I’m very grateful to someone for motivating me! #
  • I’d give anything to be able to learn things “The Matrix” style. Current cause of that desire is learning German, but there are many others. #
  • I realize it’s only been five days since she was last here, but the anticipation standing here waiting at SFO is killer. Me = too excited! #
  • @ohadpr there are some things I want to learn, others I just want to “already know”. Sadly, not enough is in the later already. in reply to ohadpr #

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