Twitter Updates for 2009-08-01
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  • OH: “Here, you put in a quarter and get an hour of parking, in Boston, you put in $30 and get a half hour.” #
  • @dogballs Blacksburg, VA … So far out in the boonies I am surprised they can even get away with charging for parking at all. in reply to dogballs #
  • The Pelican Case equivalent for the iPhone: (Yes, it’s just about as fugly, yet functional, as you would imagine) #
  • I can take my iPhone scuba diving!? I _so_ must have this! Take note Christmas gift buyers (hint hint mom/dad)… ;) :P #
  • Scheduling meetings with people in EU & Asia at the same time is so brutal. For some reason I feel I get the short end of the stick usually. #
  • I’m tempted to make a todo list of the things I need to do next week, but I’m afraid just typing the list would take all week. #schedulefail #
  • Stage & lighting waiting to be setup for BT’s performance at #iphoneDevCamp3 tonight @ Yahoo! SNV campus #
  • Hanging out at #iphonedevcamp for a bit before BT takes the stage. #
  • @heathercapri you here in Sunnyvale? in reply to heathercapri #
  • BT is apparently touring campus. Gonna go walk around and see if I can get a pic or two. #
  • Just got my photo taken with BT!! He’s also an avid diver too! Kick ass! #
  • Grooving to the beats of BT @ #iphonedevcamp3. Check it out on Youtube here:
    gotta love 3GS FTW! #
  • Just gave @bt a kickass tour of places on campus that blew his mind. He’ll likely post photos later on Twitter. :) #
  • Kick A** iPhone dev show Yahoo campus. Geeks are my peeps=WIN. I ate about 200 bugs=FAIL Me+Server=WIN (via @BT) #
  • So glad I got here when I did. Right before I get to airport the flight status updates and shows landing almost 1/2 hour earlier than before #
  • She’s here! She’s here! /me does (happy)(dance) much to the bewilderment of everyone in the terminal. #

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