Twitter Updates for 2009-07-30
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  • This scares the piss out of me: #
  • Something tells me based on pre-market selling our stock might do the same as another’s did last week. #
  • @clint kinda ironic that Yahoo, FB, google, Myspace, and msft combined are less than that number. :P in reply to clint #
  • Heading to the office for what I’m sure will be an “interesting” day.  Tomorrow will likely be even more than today I’m betting.  #
  • Wondering if it was a smart move wearing all these gold chains and diamond studs and a Microsoft Visual Studio tshirt to work today.  #
  • Really!?! Already!? There were some very busy ops teams last night I guess. Impressive turn around time. #
  • @davglass I so know what you mean. :( in reply to davglass #
  • I realize I live in somewhat a glass house, but I am rather annoyed at how some have acted rather childishly to the search deal news. #
  • @jdfalk I don’t see where we are making any short-term profit off this deal. You reading something I’m not? in reply to jdfalk #
  • @jdfalk I’m not saying I am/am not annoyed myself, but there’s limits to what is called “validly criticizing” instead of “childish whining”. in reply to jdfalk #
  • Falling asleep to have awesome dreams of the month ahead. Something incredible is planned for every single weekend next month. Aug ‘09 FTW! #

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